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How do you grind at a dance?

My school is having a dance. My friends are all like you have to grind with that girl. I know what it is i jst dont know how to do it. can you tell me the steps or tips?How do you grind at a dance?
just stand behind her but ask if you can dance with her first....she will think its sweet....just put your hands on her hips stand facing her or behing and move with the music back and forth...the girl does most of the dancing...the idea of grinding is getting the guy hard.How do you grind at a dance?
Okay one thing there is no steps to ';grinding';鈥?/a>

here's a video that teaches you how!
Just stand behind her and step side to side, lean back, snap yo' fingers, thizzle dance, and many other dance moves that require little general movement.
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  • How do u grind with a girl?

    im not that good of a dancer, and i was woundering how to grid good with a girl. like is it side to side up in down? i mean theres so many ways casue the girl changes it up so much. so please help meh?How do u grind with a girl?
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    How do i grind ? im a girl?

    alright so our homecoming dance is in a week and i dont know how to grind. im a girl. dont just say move with the beat, i need more explanation than that. so help how do i grind ?How do i grind ? im a girl?
    1.Get a Guy do dance with you

    2.Let a nice song you can dance to come on

    3.turn around shake a lil somethin' somethin'

    4.The guy should do the rest

    AND BOOM Grinding....

    Don't get to wild though....

    Sometimes a guy may come up to you randomly when your dancing and start grinding on you i would suggest to not allow him to or else you might be labeled as a slutHow do i grind ? im a girl?
    watch dirty dancing. the moves haven't changed all that much. it'll at least give you a visual. other then that, move your hips back and forth, in circular motions, if your facing the guy then make sure you bend your knees a little, if your facing away from him, them stick your butt out, and your chest out (it sounds stupid, but that'll push your body back into his)

    good luck and have fun!!!

    *remember that if you don't want to do something or feel uncomfortable doing something, don't do it!!*
    Grinding is for tasteless desperate people who don't know how to dance. When I know there's gonna be excessive grinding at a party, I know not to come.

    Why the heck does anyone want to do that?

    But if you want to know, just get a random guy to thrust his penis at your behind and you wiggle your butt and he can pretend to spank it. hahaha lol

    I try not to be mean, but, I had to. :P
    Okay i'm a guy, and i have been grinded on a lot. Its pretty simple, you get in front of the guy. Make sure your back is facing him. and when the music is ';bumping'; lol u start moving your hips. then u get down a little. Press your butt up against the boys crotch. and slowly move your butt in a circular motion against the boy . You'll get the hang of it.

    GoodLuck .
    Oh, please, for the love of Pete, don't freak dance or grind on a dance floor! It looks stupid, not to mention gross, and It's just not appropriate. I don't even get how it's considered dancing! Go find somewhere private to ';grind'; on your boyfriend or date or whatever. Seriously. Freak dancing ruins school dances.

    1) you push you but in between a guys legs.

    2) you move left to right with your but slowly

    3) move toward the ground slowly ( while moving your but left to right)

    4) move back up doing the same thing.

    Watch the music video by Usher. ';You remind me';鈥?/a> watch from 3:48.
    Basically you rub up against a bunch of horny douchebags until they get a ***** and then you can stop and move on or keep at it if you actually like them. I'm pretty sure grinding is where we get the classic song ';**** in My Pants';.
    In order to grind you have to you rotate your pelvis in a circular motion either fowards or to the side. Now, knowing this youu also have to move to the beat and you dont go around you circle in an up and down motion.
    ima guy so i like it when a girl just puts there A-s-s on my ';crotch area'; and just go around in circles or just up and down heres an example鈥?/a>
    '; SCHOOOL'; DANCE? Do not do this in schoool, Its just not riight, you'll get kicked out, personally, I don't grind, I think itsa little trashy, that;s just me thoughh (:
    i would say dont do it, only slutty girls griiind. but if you really want to just put your booty on his thang and move it around in a circular motion over and over again... good luck. be safe on homecoming! %26lt;3
    practice dancing any kind of music works grab a dude and keep dancing everyday with him until home coming then you'll be ready that's all i can say. GL
    umm move ur butt on a guy. lol;鈥?/a>
    its like dry humping. have you ever humped your pillow? if not you can practice on it.
    It involves rubbing your pelvis or crotch on another person. I think it is also thrusting
    That is so tacky and disgusting.
    by having anal sex
    don't do it!!
    XD .

    what an epic question
    you Rub your butt against a guy front
    rub your butt on the guys wang

    How do I grind or freak dance like in a club?

    My first high school dance is coming up and the reputation at my schools dances is that people tend to freak dance or grind! I want to learn how to freak dance so i will have a good reputation. How do you grind with a girl as if you were at a club. (posted links to direct sites would be great)How do I grind or freak dance like in a club?
    well im only in 7th grade but at my school danced its easy to grind just go up to a girl grab her hips and move them in a circle motion to the beat of the song to make it more interesting move your hands up and down her body basically just keep your dick in line with her *** and move to the beat of the song. Its more fun then it sounds

    Hope i cold help:-)How do I grind or freak dance like in a club?
    be on beat!!! and stay w the girl in a motion! one thing girls hate is when a guy has no idea wat to do and sways. annoys the sh*t out of me
    lol this question is hilarious..

    but to give you an answer i would say 'freak' dancing is just like humping a chick from the back..

    so practice air humping..
    It's easy! All you're doing is having sex with your clothes on, 'nuff said.

    How do you know if girl is enjoying dancing with you?

    Well I'm going to a Club tomorrow night, and I don't really know how to grind with a girl, or ask her for that matter. But if by some miracle I do, when I'm grinding with her how do I know if she is enjoying it or cool with it?How do you know if girl is enjoying dancing with you?
    if she makes frequent eye contact with you that's always a great sign she's diggin you. don't close in on her too soon, but do make sure she feels like the spotlight is on her because you are dancing with her. if she has a weird look or is looking away you may have come on a lil strong. over all ';stay inside your box'; %26amp; have a great time.

    rock it out


    ~j*n~How do you know if girl is enjoying dancing with you?
    If she doesnt like it she will go away, as simple as it is.

    Dont worry about that just enjoy THE MOMENT. haha

    Have fun GRINDING
    As long as she is smiling and dancing with the same enthusiasm that you are dancing with than you are fine. You'll know if she's enjoying it, if she hooks her arm around your neck or keeps pulling you closer to her.

    How to grind with a girl?

    im 15 and im dating this girl and everyones telling me that shes a great grinder. im talking about the dancing fyi. the only problem is that ive never grinded before and shes having a huge birthday party soon. im kinda nervous and dont really know how. please help. i really dont wanna screw tjis up. serious answers please. thanksHow to grind with a girl?
    stand back and relax my brother..let the girl do all the workHow to grind with a girl?
    You can watch some youtube videos.
    Girls usually lead when grinding, so just let her do all the work.

    hahahahha. (:

    How old were you when you first started grinding with people at dances?

    I was grinding with guys in 6th grade. I guess it's because that's when all the dances started and people actually danced. And because I wasn't afraid to like I would've been any younger. And also, do you grind with girls if your a girl? I don't. i think it's for bisexuals. It's weird. i only grind with guysHow old were you when you first started grinding with people at dances?
    i started the first few like right when 7th grade started and before i would only grind with guys but now i grind with guys and with girls but i usually juke with girls. and i dont find it weird because thats what we all do and all the girls are just like really close so its not werid to us lolHow old were you when you first started grinding with people at dances?
    if you only grind with guys it makes you sound like a whore
    sixth grade also. and i think grinding with girls is fine if its in a grind line but wierd if its just two girls.

    How to grind with an older girl at a middle school dance? How to get their attention?

    I,m in sixth grade, i know some think thats too young but...i want to anyway....I.m talkin about seventh and eighth grade girls. Help plzzHow to grind with an older girl at a middle school dance? How to get their attention?
    LOL k good luck man :]. I just exited middle school and I kinda know how you feelin.

    My biggest advice is to show CONFIDENCE. Try not to show your nervous and act like you da man (but not cocky and stuck up).

    just try to have fun.How to grind with an older girl at a middle school dance? How to get their attention?
    i'm sorry but an eighth grade girl will never grind with a sixth grader.

    they'd get THE worst reputation.

    you might be able to go for the seventh graders.

    just smile at her from across the room. if she returns your smile, walk over to her %26amp; ask her to dance.
    Ahhh you need to be studying and you are wayyy to young for girls get those books out boy and make something out of yourself.

    im sorry but....uhhh

    not to hurt your feelings 8th grade girls would never grind with a 6th grader...

    it will make them feel pedophile like

    please don't embarrass yourself unless an 8th grade girl reaaalllly wants to dance with you.

    but i really doubt it..just to be honest

    i mean would u ever dance with a 4th grader?

    i mean and 8th grader is almost in high school

    and a 6th grader just got out of elementary school

    do the math.
    Don't be phony

    Don't be a jerk

    Don't act like anything (unless you're a jerk then stop acting like one)

    Just go up smile and start dancing if you try to hard it looks pathetic
    ok so i like grinding too. 8th maybe a bit older but seveys(7th graders) are fine i guess. I have a friend thats in 7th grade and grinded with a 8th grader. Its better to do it then..So i think it would be best to make youself noticible, get in the MIDDLE of the dance floor, dude its not like you want chaperones coming at you right? Try to be dancing cool by yourself to the hot songs like Low, Kiss Kiss, usually grind on a rap song, Good luck ! :D

    What is a good alcohol drink and how do I get a girl to grind with me?

    I am going with a friend on friday to a club and she want me to pick a strong and fruity drink for her, but I don't know what is a good one. So I am looking for a strong, sweet, cheap, and easy to make drink?

    Then I wanted to know since this is the first time i been to a dance club with my friend. I don't know if she like to dance grind. So I wanted to know how would find out if she does or if I am dancing with her, how do start to grind with her?

    So if anyone has any suggest let me know and thank you for reading.What is a good alcohol drink and how do I get a girl to grind with me?
    All strong drinks taste like alcohol, so either fruity OR strong not both. Let her pick her own drink, if you have to pick, get a vodka and orange.

    As for the grinding. Um...? Ask? ';Excuse me, ma'am, would you like to grind?';

    Seriously, relax, just don't ';grind'; unless she's started it - you know what they say, ';ladies first';. If a guy started dancing with me like that without warning I would probably leave.What is a good alcohol drink and how do I get a girl to grind with me?
    why a ';strong'; fruity drink ..? if she wants to get drunk she will, don't pressure her. you kinda sound like a creep
    God is nowhere through a lack of existence.

    Just go and enjoy yourself and see how things turn out. Chill
    stay at home and grind with yourself

    How to start dancing (grinding) with a girl?

    If I'm at a dance, how should I start grinding with a girl? How do I approach or ask her?

    I'm just wondering, if I ask her if she wants to dance, how will we start grinding? I'm asking from the front, and how can I make sure that she knows that I want to grind?

    Any advice is welcome.How to start dancing (grinding) with a girl?
    You know, I absolutely loooove the guy's answer above mine but if that by chance doesn't work there are two options for you.

    #1. If you are attractive and you want to dance with a girl that is in your league then just ask. Say ';Hey, wanna dance?'; If she says yes you should can grab her hand or waist and get behind her, put your hands either on her hips or on the inside of her thighs. (Yeah, by her vag, lol)

    #2. If you aren't attractive or if you want to ask a girl that is out of your league to dance you should just pretend to bump into her or something and crack a joke with confidence. Like ';Damn, I can't believe I didn't see you standing there!'; And then if she laughs say ';Wanna dance?'; And if she says yes go on your merry way and grind!How to start dancing (grinding) with a girl?
    It's important that you be upfront. Approach the crooked skamp and be like, ';Say ***** I like the look of your dumper! Imma grind my thang on yo *** for 2 or 3 songs, take you out for a nice steak dinner and never call you back.'; Then you go to work and follow through with your promise. Just remember, they wouldn't be there if they didn't want it.

    How do i get a girl to grind dance with me more?

    I have a really nice girlfriend, and at prom last year we grinded, but she really doesn't know how to grind so she ended up just kind of standing in front of me. Is there anything I can do to get her dance crazy in front of me?How do i get a girl to grind dance with me more?
    well for starters, don't ask yahoo answers. but since your here anyway, i'll help. if you are more pushy, then she will be more pushy. or i know this sounds gay, but i think you should ask a friend to hint it to her. believe me its like the only way. good luck xxHow do i get a girl to grind dance with me more?
    If it's a matter that she wants to and doesn't know how, try practicing someplace private with just the two of you until she gets it. If you two have had sex, then its basically that but standing up and with clothes between you.

    If she's shy and doesn't want to do it (embarassed or doesn't really like it), then you can't force the issue. You're better off finding someone who wants to do the nasty with you than making her feel bad about herself for no reason.

    Either way, you can't force her to ';dance like crazy'; if she doesn't want to. If her style is chill then you'll either have to respect it and stop complaining or find someone else. Just because she's ';really nice'; in all other areas doesn't mean you can torture her (or yourself) about dancing incapabilities.

    And to the girl who likes grinding; you really LIKE having your *** and crotch against some guys' crotch (who may or maynot have a hard-on)? I'm sure the guys love dancing with you, when they pretty much have sex for free with ya...
    omg its soo funny u asked this question cuz i kinda love grinding... not to b like a slut or anything but its so fun. and yeaa im not sure how u can get her to do it tho. maybe she just doesnt want to. or maybe shes just shy nd doesnt rly kno how, but its not like its rly all tht hard to do. lol. jus try putting ur hands on her hips nd guiding her hips, not forcefully, but gently. and if she tells you to stop, stop. dont make her do it.
    It is because she isn't comfortable moving to the music. The only way is to practice and encourage her. If you want to be a great guy , take her to a blues dancing class. Try places that teach lindy hop.
    tell her not to be shy and show her how to do it if she doesn't know how to do it. But please dont embarass her infront of anyone because that could hurt her feelings.:)
    no if she cant dance she cant dance. respect her space you might be creeping her out.
    ask her nicely if she would, tell her what you want show her how, and be nice about it :)
    you go to a strip club and pay one to do it...
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  • How to start grinding with a girl?

    If at a dance u see a girl dancing, and u want to grind with her, what do u say? Then after u grind with her when do u stop and how do u ask her for ur number?How to start grinding with a girl?
    hey you wanna dance

    when the song stop you stop

    Hey can i have your numberHow to start grinding with a girl?
    well for me most guys don't ask they just walk up and start dancin with me...but if u don't feel comfortable doing that just walk up to her and ask her if she wants to dance...once your dancin with her u stop when the song stops or wenever she far as asking for her phone number i would say wait til you've danced with her a few times and actually talked to her a little bit to feel her out and see if she's interested then before da party is over tell her you had a good time and wanted to kno if you could get her phone number...
    If it were me I would wait until a guardian or a parent is not watching and you should make your move. Then the time you should stop is when the guardian or a parent almost turns around and stop. To get my number you have to ask.
    Lol. Start a grind-line and just 'Fortunately' get stuck behind her. That way, if it doesn't fly, you got another chick behind you..Hopefully. Lol.

    If it works,simply ask her for it. ;D
    u don't ask just do, ask her to dance tho. dont just go up to her and get up all on her and freak her out. if she doesnt like it stop. if she does then yes ask for her number?
    you drop your trousers

    then she drop hers

    then just start grinding away

    be careful if its her first time cause it might hurt.
    u tryin to grind, you don't say anything..just walk up and start grinding the girl...

    How to get this girl to grind with me again?

    The first dance that my date and I went to for prom was on saturday, but shes from a different school so my prom night was on saturday and her's is this next saturday. At my prom dance (this last saturday) my date started grinding on me and I was a little bit too uptight about it and kinda told her to stop. The thing is I liked it but dont really know how to tell her i want to grind again when her dance comes up. If I tell her i liked it i think it would make me sound like a pervert so how could I say i liked grinding in a discreet way? Thanks!How to get this girl to grind with me again?
    first of you shouldnt of told her to stop but im sure you realised that by now. Just at the next dance, go and dance with her again. let her be her and if shes uptight because you told her to stop, start the grind like tony hawk and she will def not stop you..a grinder grinds foreverHow to get this girl to grind with me again?
    tell ';I like it cause I'm a perv - so now that its out in the open let's get it on';

    How to get this girl to grind with me?

    The first dance that my date and I went to for prom was on saturday, but shes from a different school so my prom night was on saturday and her's is this next saturday. At my prom dance (this last saturday) my date started grinding on me and I was a little bit too uptight about it and kinda told her to stop. The thing is I liked it but dont really know how to tell her i want to grind again when her dance comes up. If I tell her i liked it i think it would make me sound like a pervert so how could I say i liked grinding in a discreet way? Thanks!How to get this girl to grind with me?
    Don't say or do anything.. wait until the dance..

    and just do it..

    she will say... mm mm.. what is that Ur doin????

    good luckHow to get this girl to grind with me?
    just do it, she'll get the point when you guys are dancing.
    try and make out you dont know what grinding is say something like what was that dance u was doin at my prom last week that was like rlli cool , try it at the prom and starting makin a laugh out of it and do your inpersonation of it but make urself luk silly then she will probz start laughing then go no its like this then she will start doin it its natural for girls to do that
    um, dont do it. its gross

    Grinding with a girl? Have some questions!?

    circular motions, side to side against you, or side to side with you?

    when your hands are on her waist do you like her to put her hands on yours?

    How do you like to grind with girls? Do you like to rest your head on her shoulder? press against her back tightly?Grinding with a girl? Have some questions!?
    What you described is about right. You need to shimmy like a school of angel fish putting on a display of dominance.Grinding with a girl? Have some questions!?
    Its usualy the girl who grinds with the guy as its sexy.

    Guys look rediculous when they grind on girls.
    Circular movements (probably what shes comfortable with), hands should stay on the hips.
    Man I've always wondered this too. It just feels right to be to do side to side against the guy, because side to side with him is awkward and circular motions just confuses him, especially when you're grinding to the music and he is just bopping to a random beat.
    Do you follow up with a loud slap on the butt? Usually followed by a loud slap by your girlfriend. Does make a nice follow up beat. Gotta admit that.
    You gotta switch it up!

    First of all, always have yr booty stickin out, very important.

    Next, don't just do side to side...that is SO awkward...whenever I see people do that it's usually a boyfriend/girlfriend at a party who have been dancing for a long time and they can't really dance with anyone else because they would be cheating so they just ';shimmy'; there.

    Just move your hips and not your shoulders, I would say circular motionsish.

    And feel free after dancing a while to touch her more, touch her arms, hold her hands...if she is more experienced she will switch from pressing her back against you to bending over on all fours, those are some crazy girls though. ;]
    lol so many ppl were grinding at my school dance

    Wats the best way to grind dance if you suck at it and how do u switch from fast dance to grinding with a girl

    If your not good at grinding then try grinding back to front (her back to your front) and she'll probably start massaging your crotch with her butt. If you want a girl to grind with you then just go up and grab her from behind and she'll probably start grinding with you.

    good luck ;)

    How to grind? what does the girl do?

    How to grind? what does the girl do?

    i just really want to know how you overcame your fear when you first danced. and also i just want to add that i can wind by myself but is it the same as doing it with a boy?

    i really want to know because everyone at my school does it and sometimes i'm asked but i'm too scared to. Also how do yuo know that the boy you wan to dance with wants to grind?How to grind? what does the girl do?
    you can always go to youtube and check out people dancing. but however you dance by yourself should work when dancing with someone else. as for getting over your shyness... my best advice is to just do it. i'm the same way, i don't dance in front of other people cuz i'm afraid i'll look stupid, but honestly, everytime that i just said screw it, i'll dance... i ended up having a great time and no one cared how i danced. even been told i danced well. instead of thinking how embarrassed you might feel dancing, think of how much fun you'll have.How to grind? what does the girl do?
    u start dancing close to him and then do more like me i grind pretty good thats what people tell me but anyways u dont go to fast and you`ll know when ur doin it right when the boy ur with is dancin for a long time or slapping ur *** and we do it because well i dont know( some people r horny notme

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    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh isnt she cute asking how to grind , just playing though just start dancin enjoy yourself thats pretty much it.Its not a certain way to do it just dance as close as possible.鈥?/a>
    If he's a boy, he wants to grind.
    Unless it has changed since I was young. The grind is basically both feet on the ground and deep rocking fwd/back/Left/Right, with your inner thighs always in contact. The hip action is made to be suggestive. Personally I think it makes the girl look slutty and only serves to give the guy something to brag to his friends about.

    I think you do well to let your fear and common sense come to your rescue on this one.
    The easiest way is to dance with your back to the boy. He'll move up real close if he wants to grind. Then you just dance slow, and keep in contact. Move your hips a lot, but not too fast. You'll know you're doing it right when you feel him, um, respond.

    How do I grind with a girl?

    If I'm at homecoming or something, and a girl is grinding on me, what am I supposed to do? Grab her hips, and move with her or what? I don't just want to stand there like a dumb @$$ while she's doing it, so there must be some movement from me involved. And, I'm going to get a *****, while she's doing it of course, do girls like that? I mean, I think any girl should expect a dude to get hard with there booty all on his d!ck, but idk?How do I grind with a girl?
    Yeah, just grab her hips and move with her. Get close to her, etc. i always like feeling my bf's hard dick against me. haha :)How do I grind with a girl?
    ya grab her hips.
    get down and have some fun. rock that girls world!!!!!

    Guys- at a dance when you go up to grind with girls...?

    how do you decide who to dance with

    or do you just look for the nearest girl and pounce? hahaGuys- at a dance when you go up to grind with girls...?
    I would go up to the one that looks the easist, there for insuring me to get laid.

    willieGuys- at a dance when you go up to grind with girls...?
    What willie said.
    I look for the strongest one so that she can carry me home after the party.
    I look for the one that's the best dancer who doesn't feel that she has to act all sluttish and grind just to get someone's attention.

    Nothing is more attractive than a gal with self-confidence who looks like she'll slap you if you disrespect her.

    How can i get a girl to grind with me at the dance?

    does slapping her *** after we slow dance make her wanna ?How can i get a girl to grind with me at the dance?
    NO!! DONT DO THAT!!! she will never look at you again, let alone wanna grind!!! slowly ease in to it, give her plenty of chances to pull away so that she doesnt feel trapped or pressured in to it. preferable wait till other ppl are doin it as well, so that she doesnt feel watched, but if its gonna happen then shell want to initiate it as much as you

    hope it goes well

    xHow can i get a girl to grind with me at the dance?
    Pervert you have issues
    uuhhhh , hmmm, most girls dont like being slapped after they dance with someone, but i guess you have to know the girl,

    for getting someone to grind with you, well for one- you could ask, that has worked before, and what also works is just coming up behind the girl after you've been talking to her for a litlle bit and she at least knows you

    dont come on too strong- you have to work for it ;)
    bring a coffee grinder and some coffee beans and ask her if she'll ';grind'; with you.

    How do grind dance with a girl?

    So, homecoming for my school is coming up. Me and my girlfriend are going, and since we all know homecoming is just a huge grind fest, (or so Ive heard. Im only a freshman) I need to know how to grind. I have no idea what to do. I have no idea was to do. So if someone would please show me how or tell me what to do? Thanks.How do grind dance with a girl?
    go to this site and watch the video!!!!!鈥?/a>

    I hope this helps. :] most importantly, dont think about it too much and have fun. :]How do grind dance with a girl?
    I agree with Supra Man. As a high school graduate, I can attest to the horrors of homecoming dances (AKA having sex with your clothes on while all chance of conversation is drowned out by melodic-less sound). Try learning some real dances: swing, salsa, waltz. Not only will this impress the ladies, but it will be a chance to assert your cultured sophistication, and prove that you aren't a sex-crazed animal prone to objectifying women.
    I'm a freshman in college and i didnt grind till last weekend!

    If you are confused look at videos on youtube. Grinding is easy, you just sway with the girl to the beat, believe me the girl does all the work--and when you in a crowd full of people it eliminates the awkwardness, plus its easy to catch on too. You will be fine, don't worry about it. If you're girlfriend knows her stuff she'll take the lead...and something on your body will take the lead too--if you know what i mean! They call it grinding for a reason!
    Kid, for the love of god DON'T.

    You only degrade yourselves and contribute to the sex addicted stupidity that is slowly dominating America and spreading it's way to destroy all culture and logic throughout the world.

    Why don't you actually treat her like a lady? (If she's any kind of DECENT woman it'll get you MUCH farther than just trying to throw your dick at her... Unless STD's are your thing.)

    someone answered 3 seconds before me, so you'll certainly read theirs first, but I really hope you'll read and follow the advice I'm trying to give..
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  • How to ask a girl to dance/grind?

    I have a friend who i like and i want to grind with her. However, i dont want to seem nice about it and ask her. how could i ask her?

    or, maybe i dont even need to ask her, how could i drop a hint?How to ask a girl to dance/grind?
    you're looking good girl. You want to dance?How to ask a girl to dance/grind?
    You just do it man, don't ask. If she doesn't push you away you are in there. Usually a girl will back off and put distance between you subtle like if she's not feeling it. If she laughs, just act like you were being goofy. I usually start off all goofy so when I get serious everybody is still trying to figure out if I'm still playing around or not. Whatever gets me from point A to point B works for me.
    dont ask just do it

    if she dont want to im pretty sher,

    she will give u a look or just walk away,

    (sometimes if you just keep tryn she will give up and do it)
    simple...';What's up? we out to dance?'; or ';you down to dance?';

    How do you grind with a girl? 10 points best answer?

    I have seen grinding at dances before but i never have really danced before and i also don't consider myself the dancing type. Anyways if i ever try to dance its like my feet are stuck in cement, and I don't really want to dance but my schools kick off dance was the other day and it is a total grind fest, anyways i didn't go because i wouldn't be dancing, but this girl who i just met that i like said she didn't see me there and seemed sad. So i just wanted to know how to get a girl to grind with you and basically what to do because i don't want this to happen again.

    Thanks for any help 10 points to the best answerHow do you grind with a girl? 10 points best answer?
    in grinding, the girls are the attention, the leader. you are the follower. the better you can follow, the better you are, and following isnt cake, but its veeeeery easy to learn.

    two important things:

    1) your arms/hands should hold her VERY LIGHTLY. the lighter the better. make sure she can feel you holding her, but do it very lightly because that allows her to move freely. ive heard many girls complain that a guy was holding her too tightly and she couldnt move/dance.

    2) your movements mostly follow her movements, and your hips either follow or COUNTER her movements. wtf does that mean? it means that your hips can either do the same thing hers does, or the opposite. as in, you can either your hips left when she does, and right when she does. or the opposite. right when she goes left, and left when she goes right. see what i mean? and you can alternate between doing the same and doing the opposite.

    your feet should mostly stay where they are, and if you feel like she's enjoying it, do sexy things like placing your face on her shoulder and your nose on her hair or her neck

    this is a sexual dance without any sex, think of it sexually. occasionally slide your hands up and down her thighs (NOT up her dress though) and up and down her sides or her arms. make it so that you are getting to know her body with your hands, but do it all very lightly and respectfully.

    dont EVER touch her a$$. that's a no no. and dont ever touch her chest. stomach, you can, you can move your hands across her stomach or her collar even. but restricted areas are the chest, a$$, and up the dress. (you would think its obvious but many guys do this and regret it!!!)

    if you want more details, email me:

    fall3ncity@yahoo.comHow do you grind with a girl? 10 points best answer?
    Ooh, I answered a question like this a while ago. One second, lemme go find my answer, and I'll come back and edit, and paste it here.

    EDIT: (Oh, and just so you're not confused, the person who asked the question said ';dubs'; instead of ';grinds'; So, yeah...

    My answer to that person's question:


    Explain what that is, and I'll come back and edit and give an answer.

    Edit: OOOOOOH! *slaps forehead* So you meant grinding? Okey, now I understand, lol. I know what grinding is...I just had no idea what you meant by ';dubs';.

    Ok, well when a girl starts..umm...';dubbing'; you, you don't really have to do much. She won't expect you to do some fancy hip rolling movement at first. Just move your hips side to side, or if you can, follow her lead. By that, I mean, like if she moves her butt to the right, then you do the same. Like a shadow. Then if she slowly moves it to the left or something, then you shadow her movements and move to the left to.

    Then, once you get comfortable, you can lightly place your hands either on her waist, or her hips. Then, just go with the flow, and let her lead.

    Don't be too nervous; like I said, she won't expect you to do too much. As long as you're not standing there like a statue, you'll be fine. (Member not to do stuff like fondle her breasts or anything okay? That'll earn you a ';What the f*ck!!?'; and a slap to the face)

    Good luck, and happy ';dubbing';!

    Walk behind her a get really really close and rub your D*** on her butt in a circle motion...have fun!!
    slap that a**... lol jk dont do that TRUST ME... just go w) the flow of the music

    there you go! that page is really informative, and good luck with the crush!!! : )
    just let it flow. girls like it when the guy is not tense, or freaked out. if you dont want to dance with her, just go somewhere else with her, ask her if she wants to go to a resteraunt or something. if lots of people are freaked out about that stuff, its ok.
    You know what. I wasn't much of a dancer either. and one of the girls saw me standing there not dancing and she just came over and ask me if I wanted to dance. I told her I didn't know much about it and she said ';oh come I'll show you'; before the night was over I danced a half dozen times but only with her. Why don't you ask this girl to show you some grind moves. theres no harm in asking
    what you have to do is like get a feel for the music, if you don't like the music just quickly go to the bathroom with your mp3 player and listen to that. also when everyone else grinds try it with the girl they know to grind when you do, but grind with 1 girl that you like every other dance that ppl are grinding you don't look like a creep.
    as to how to get her to grind with you, all you have to do is ask, just be like do you want to dance?

    as to how....

    when im grinding with a guy i like it when he puts one arm like all the way across my stomach and holds me like really close to his body and then puts his other hand on my hip or upper thigh. then basically just let your hips sway to the music. depending on the music sometimes if its a heavier hotter beat its nice when a guy kinda like gets lower and then you have to like lean into him, i dunno its hard to explain. but anyways yeah, its not hard itll come pretty naturally when you do it.
    ok doood.

    i am the grinding master.

    dont be shy you gotta be confident and not all awkward cause that jsut makes them feel awkward ya know?

    ok well when she is on the dance floor you go like behind her and start like rubbing against her with ur back and she will get the signal and gt into it then jsut turn around andd do circular motions.

    A little practice and you麓ll be great!

    This page has all the great (and free) videos and articles that you can find on how to grind dance and songs to grind to.鈥?/a>

    After watching these, you'll be able to master how to grind and find great grinding music. Hope this helps.

    Good Luck,


    How to get a girl to grind with u at a school dance?

    Just go behind them and start. If they like it or you they'll keep going. If they stop, just walk away.How to get a girl to grind with u at a school dance?
    Well don't touch her butt, hips, etc. It's weird when a random guy does it (happened to me and they got a good slap).

    Join a grind chain or grind with some friends that are girls (that's what my friends do). You can ask a girl but you might get rejected and don't ask if they want to grind just say dance.How to get a girl to grind with u at a school dance?
    dude, your obbsessed with girls.

    What is going on with this girl?

    Me and her have history. This may be long so I'm going to make it as best I can short. Me and her were on bus and I was talking and flirting with her. This happen for couple days and one time her friends told me to go get your girl and stuff. I couldn't cause I had to take to my friend something important about school. After that day I sat with her and was about to ask her out when this boy I didn't like knew I liked her and pulled her hair and stuff no reason and looked at me. I didn't help her one time and she raised up and told him off. That turned me on but she was mad and stuff. Then one of her friends told me I had no game. Now I just said screw it cause she play too much. She found out another boy liked her on bus and she would just look at me a few times and I would look back. I just didn't talk to her like that anymore. Next few months, she was with boy she broked up with and was dating for 4 months or something. I happen to come over there and confront her. She was saying how her boyfriend dumped her for something stupid and was crying. I said ';Don't worry about them saying you're ugly, I don't think your ugly at all, **** them';. Dont remember exact words. We were close to each-other on porch. She looked at me in eyes a couple times while we talked and didn't know when kiss her. Now out of no where this boy texted her and she let him come over to (one of my friends), I was gonna ask her to homecoming, but too late. Me and him talked but he and her flirted hardcore. I asked her you going with him and she said I don't, I really like him. I was so mad inside but showed I didn't care. He grabbed her butt,smiled at me and said damn look at that. She smiled and liked it, right infront of me. I didn't care and just jeted, I didn't know what they did. After the few weeks of that, I saw her at YMCA where I work out, she wanted to come with me while I did cause she was just sitting there bored. We talked and stuff and im lean. She smiled at me a couple times and gone, she had to go. OMG Next time lol, we met with friends and she was flirting with me I guess, she is very flirty so I didn't know what goes on. She put my hat on, put my key between her boobs and wanted me to get it. I didnt want to cuz she had bf. We walked her home she threw my keys, I got mad. We got to inftont of her house and she said well, and I was like what. we locked eyes for like 6 seconds and did she just said peace and I was like ight. At the dance, she came with another friend (who licked her) but i dont think she like him like that. They danced and I did with alot of girls (grinding). I got bored and grinded with her out of no where, she stoped for a second smiled and did it. She felt my erection and giggled after over with friend. think she was talking about my dick (girls she talked ones i danced to). Friend ask if i she like me she said no. last time she did with her friends but now idk. I beat up the i had problems with and she heard about it gave me props. Now there is alot more but I dont want make any longer. SRRY FOR LONG STORY LOL, Question is what you think? I think she mad at me right tho, this happened a while ago but today she looked at me and turned her head with a little evil look when i didnt do **** to her. I MEAN NOTHING AND WE WEre cool as friends after a few months. I still like her tho but I dont know if she feels for me. Alot more but wont say what you think.What is going on with this girl?
    Stop liking this girl - she is not a nice girl. She is a slu+ to me.What is going on with this girl?
    You're a boy toy. Whenever she feels lonely she'll come to you, otherwise you're nothing to her.

    Get over her. Stop being a pup that will never get a treat. It's pathetic.
    second answer and the one above mine are right. And im sorry, but work on your grammar.
    ohhh jeez tats wayy to long i only got half way and zoned out i think u should jus tell her an see wat happens
    um....this girl sounds a bit agressive...yikes. Like a girl that could seriously screw with your head. Back off and find someone new.
    let her go she is just playing with your head to feel good about herself,.. if she wanted to be with you it would have already happend sorry man its rough but its the truth aggressive girls are persistant and don;t send mixed messages this one is send tons of mixed messages

    Does Is Mean Anything When A Girl Does Certain Stuff With A Boy When Dancing?

    If A Girl grinds With Two Boys Like This Does It Mean Anything?

    both were older, put her hands on there hands when grinding, let both guys put there hands on her hips, she was dating me while she did this, the songs where drop it like its hot by snoop dog and yeah by usher.

    And Please Put Details on How To Get Over It. Because i keep getting mad and we keep breaking up i want to stay with her but everytime i get mad we break up.Does Is Mean Anything When A Girl Does Certain Stuff With A Boy When Dancing?
    Was she grinding up on them cause you were grinding up on some other girl? First point of recomendation, go rent or borrow ';Save the Last Dance'; and watch it. Your situation is played out really well about 2/3rds of the way through the movie.

    For some people dancing is dancing, and nothing more. For others, it is a precursor to getting laid.

    If it's a precursor to getting laid for your girl, then you need to find out if she just likes the excitement of the idea of being with someone else to get her ready to jump on you.

    Above all, you two need to talk about it, in a civil manner. None of the bullshit, no accusations. Just ask questions, and ask for honest answers. This should NOT be done in public.

    Once you understand why she does it, then you will be able to decide if you're able to deal with it or not. If you're not able to deal, the relationship is pretty much screwed, because no one should demand that their partner be anyone other than who they are.

    Good luck hon!Does Is Mean Anything When A Girl Does Certain Stuff With A Boy When Dancing?
    Find another girlfriend.

    One that doesn't make you jealous.
    She's just having fun give her a break,you sound to immature to date
    she sounds like a slut to me

    find someone better.
    just save yourself and end it now. it may sound impossible but its for the best
    no way would that fly in my relationship. if it bothers u, find another girl. u deserve better
    why would she be off dancing with other guys if she's dating you? i mean honestly...unless she asked you if it was ok she shouldn't be off dancing with other guys. you should be her priority and if she's off with other guys then she must not care about you as much as she says she does.
    Well, why are you not dancing with her? It could be innocent, but if she loves to dance and you don't , you will be replaced if you haven't been already.

    2 guys grinding with my gf in front of = no respect for chump by gf
    If your girl grinds with 2 older guys while she is still dating you, you could probably guess what else she is doing behind your back. If you keep breaking up cause of you getting mad then maybe it's for the best.
    she's trying to make you jealous (which is sooo pathetic) or she's just a slut. either way break up immediately.

    Writing a police report with little details how?

    I have to write a narrative ( long ) police report with little details.

    How can I do it? It is short since there are little details?

    Here is the thing I have to write a report on:

    william tucker pushed jim cates while jim was talking to williams girl friend. william threw his books done to the left side of him to the ground then ran up behind jim and pushed him with two hands into the shoulders causing jim to fall to the ground. girl friend name is marrianne beckner, i have the address of the crime, and date of births for victim and suspect.


    thanksWriting a police report with little details how?
    Without warning, Tucker shoved Cates from behind causing Cates to fall to the ground, while Cates was talking to Beckner. Breckner is girlfriend of Tucker.

    ** Things like the address of occurrence, names, addresses, and relation to each other would be put in boxes above the narrative. Throwing books down has nothing to do with things, so didn't include it......

    Is it normal for a 7 year old girl?

    One morning i was a sleep and woke up to My girlfriends 7yr girl humping on my leg she was grinding pretty hard with heavy breathing. I freaked out and kicked her off since she is only 45lbs. I went back to sleep to wake up to it again i swung her off again and got out of bed. With my GF still asleep i went to make breakfest to find the little girl grinding on the pillow. The next day i told my GF about it cause i did not want any problems since we both have our own places. My GF knew about it and i asked her why didnt she tell me that her girls does that. Her replay was the lil girls therapist is its normal. well i dont thinks so. So what do i tell my GF and how do i let her know her daughter cant come over or sleep over and start hummping on everything since i have 2 boys of my own 9,11. My GF gets her daughter every other weekend.Is it normal for a 7 year old girl?
    That is not ';normal';.

    Just tell your girlfriend how you feel.Is it normal for a 7 year old girl?
    That is most definatley not normal for a 7 yr old girl!! She really needs some help!

    Good Luck and God Bless! :)
    No, that's not normal at all. The girl needs counceling.
    Sounds like the child has been sexually abused by either a male or female. How well do you know her mother? Bet your life, no Doctor told this child's mother such actions are normal!
    This definitely isn't normal behavior for any child, this is quite a radical phase from the sounds of it. However, trying to help may backfire on you here, I wouldn't try interfere with it too much; if the girl has a therapist, then I must assume that the situation will resolve itself eventually.. A lot of extreme behavior like this is just a Phase, and will pass by itself.

    However you can of course bring logical reasoning into this, it's not good to let this sort of thing come in contact with other Children, I don't mean to make it sound like some sort of disease but it's something that would be rather hard to explain, let alone for other children to understand it, and could cause upset.

    I'd just talk to your Girlfriend about avoiding such a circumstance as best as possible until it has run its course.

    How do you get a guy to come up to you at a dance and grind with you?

    hiii(: ok so heres the deal. my schools gonna have a school party pretty soon and theres a specific guy that i like and i was really hoping that i would dance with him at it. im not all into the grinding thing but my friends kind of convinced to me to try it out. soo i was wondering if any 1 could tell me what i should do to want him to dance with me w.o me having to ask him.((or do guys ask)) and i was also wondering how i should exaclty grind on him i no how it its just that i wanna no the ways they like it. soo here are the questions:

    1)) how to make a guy come and grind with me w.o asking him

    2)) how do they ask girls to grind or do they ask at all

    3)) a specific way that guys like girls grind on them.

    thanks everyone!!!How do you get a guy to come up to you at a dance and grind with you?
    just rub your butt on his cock n' balls and everything should fall in place.

    Teachers allow grinding nowadays?How do you get a guy to come up to you at a dance and grind with you?
    just start putting ur *** on him and start grinding him...............go on youtube and type in ';grinding';....... hope that helps
    Lol i'm pretty sure grinding is allowed in every school. That's all we did over here for our high school dances.

    To answer your questions.

    1) You cant.... Unless you ask him, I don't see any possible way. I mean we're the ones who are supposed to be asking you ladies to dance in the first place.

    2) Personally when I go to a club or dancing, I talk to the girl a little before I start grinding. Mainly because the girl will be more comfortable if she knows a little about who she's actually dancing with. However, i'd say 90% of the guys will just grab your *** and expect to grind.

    3) No specific way hon, most of the time we're just happy to be rubbing up on a sexy lady. Although personally I prefer grinding front to front, since I feel it's way sexier. That's my preference though.

    Hope you have fun at your dance.
    I know exactly how you feel. And I know the exact answers to your questions! To make a guy grind with you without you having to ask him, you have to make him WANT to grind with you! How does that happen? You need to dance by yourself for a little bit...yes, you can grind by yourself! Maybe even get one of your girls and grind with THEM...that's what I do, and it makes the boys want it so bad, they can't help themselves! :) You can also wink and beckon him with a finger all seductively...I've done that, and the boy has no choice but to come and grind with me! Secondly, they don't ask girls to grind. You either start grinding first...or they do. If he doesn't start moving his hips (your invitation to grind!), then you get in there and start moving yours! And lastly, guys like to feel a LOT of MOVE your hips, and don't be afraid to really, REALLY rub up against him! Not gentle, but use LOTS and LOTS of pressure! Boys absolutely LOVE that. ;) Anyways, hope this helps! :)

    1. there isnt really a way to get him to grind on you without asking

    2. guys dont ask they just start rubbing up against your ***

    3. just rub your *** against their cock and they will LOVE LOVE LOVE it

    How do you get a guy to grind with you at a dance?

    hiii(: ok so heres the deal. my schools gonna have a school party pretty soon and theres a specific guy that i like and i was really hoping that i would dance with him at it. im not all into the grinding thing but my friends kind of convinced to me to try it out. soo i was wondering if any 1 could tell me what i should do to want him to dance with me w.o me having to ask him.((or do guys ask)) and i was also wondering how i should exaclty grind on him i no how it its just that i wanna no the ways they like it. soo here are the questions:

    1)) how to make a guy come and grind with me w.o asking him

    2)) how do they ask girls to grind or do they ask at all

    3)) a specific way that guys like girls grind on them.How do you get a guy to grind with you at a dance?
    Spike his drink


    Dont ask, just do it, but really, if you dont want to then why do it just cus ur friends think you should? Thats lame.How do you get a guy to grind with you at a dance?
    Grinding is just dancing. Ask the guy to dance with you and just do what feels natural. Don't let your friends talk you into doing something you're not comfortable with.
    1.Grind girls as jokes and guys will join in.

    2. They dont ask

    3. REAALLL close
    i don't believe you ask or anything. Just do it.

    My friend grinded with like five guys she just walked up like ';hey let's dance'; and started partying.

    answer mine?;鈥?/a>
    HA! I wish I had this problem. Whenever I go to dances, guys always grind on me whether I want them to or not. I'm kinda thin, so I can't stop them. Ugh.

    Trust me, if your school's anything like mine, you won't have to worry about that. Just stand near him.;鈥?/a>
    1) you should get one of ur friends to go up to him and tell him that he should dance with you. make sure to be dancing and having a good time, cuz guys just surprise you from behind and usually dont even ask you to dance half of the time lol!

    2) they dont ask sometimes, maybe if theyre a gentleman aha, and it has to be during a good fun song too or like hip hop

    3) move those hips to the beat girl, thats all there is to it
    Go up and dance with him pull him up close

    they dont really

    no as long as your hot

    good luck

    Can u help me i NEED it鈥?/a>
    If you're both on the dance floor, no, 99% of the time they won't ask (that's awkward with loud music). Either talk to him before going on the dance floor (and then enter the dance floor together to be near him) or find him on the dance floor already and dance near him. If you show any sort of interest in him while dancing, chances are it will just end up happening.
    well, u may just wanna ask him

    sometimes we ask, sometimes not

    well, we like it to be smooth, not too fast, a bit sensual, go with the beat of w/e song is on, and sometimes two girls at once

    depends on how dirty u wanna gett
    If your dancing on everybody else they will come up
    1) First if you can get the attention of the other boys wanting to dance with you then they will all want a turn. It is like follow the leader, the first boy that gets it starts showing off then boys will come and ask you

    2)They ask you if you want to dance and that basically means turn around and grind for me(don't take it the wrong way that is how boys are) so you turn around and do it.

    3)The best way to do it is to grind like the girls in Plies's Hypnotized video(maybe you should watch it to see more) so do it like that. The boys like to watch it turn in circles and that gets them excited.

    *BONUS- If all of that doesn't get his attention then you ask him or lose your chance which could be your last so don't let it pass you by go for it!!! Make sure you watch this video below!!!
    1.) just look cute standing there, smile at him a bit, look hot.

    you could also grind with a group of girls and guys kinda just join in.

    2.) some guys will come up to you and ask to dance, most will just come up to you and start dancing with ya tho. school dances are really crowded(at least mine are) so you'll be reall close to him.

    3) just push your body up against his, not too much pressure, see how much he puts on you first. you just kinda dance with your back against him, some girls go way out it really just depends on how slutty you are. being your first time tho, just relax and dance nothing exotic. pretty much just move up and down and wiggle a bit while you dance.

    How to grind with a girl at dance?

    earlier at my dance some girl asked me if i wanted to grind with her but i got no idea how to so i chickened out and walked away because i didnt know how. how do i grind with a girl at a dance for next time?How to grind with a girl at dance?
    just go up behind he and put your crotch on her backside. chances are you will get hard but pretend you dont notice. let her do all the work and hold her hips with you hand and keep your hips following her every move. i know it sounds wrong but i went from being a terrible dancer to a complete star on the dance floor from having my friend explain it this wayHow to grind with a girl at dance?
    As the guy you don't do much...put your hands on her hips, move yours some and mostly let her do all the work. I always got irritated when the guy was too...i don't know, forceful, in his grinding because he kept pushing me forward. haha
    Haha. You don't really have to do anything. Just stand behind her and enjoy yourself. You can sway a bit if you like, but it's not completely necessary. Just, please don't grind on her. That's... well, gay.
  • need serious advice
  • How to I get a girl to grind with me at a highschool dance?

    well i hope you know how to dance.

    you have to be hott.

    you cant be all ...';can i dance with you, can i dance with you?!';

    take it easy.


    hope i helped?How to I get a girl to grind with me at a highschool dance?
    Claw her mouth open and pour alcohol down her throat.How to I get a girl to grind with me at a highschool dance?
    turn her around and start hugging her then move your hips

    How do u get a girl to grind with u?

    i need to know for a dance coming up?How do u get a girl to grind with u?
    usually you should just take the initiative and go behind her yourself.

    She will either:

    A) grind on you

    B) give you a dirty look and move away lol

    or you could ask her... Just be like u wanna dance?

    U got a 50/50 chance...

    but as a girl, usually i will dance with a guy that i dont like out of pity so...

    more like 75/25 :)

    be brave and go for it!

    good luck :)How do u get a girl to grind with u?
    Just go up to her and do it during the song
    Honestly it's not that hard. As the girl is dancing, just make your way to her(you dancing as well), make sure you're behind her, and grab her hips. She'll either naturally just do it, turn and look at you, or just reject it completely.

    Just be confident. And if you do dance with a girl DO NOT stalk her the entire time. It's really creepy. You also don't want to dance with her for a loooong time. Grinding is quite tiring for the girl(especially if she's doing a good job!). If she gives signs of being tired, stop dancing!
    You are supposed to ';DANCE'; at a dance...NOT GRIND... You grind in the bedroom...NOT ON THE DANCE FLOOR. Society has gone to SHI*. no one has any class anymore... or self respect.

    Can you Name That Song?

    Guess the name of these 6 songs and get 10 points.

    TRY not to search the songs. But if you have to..go ahead.

    Just say that you searched them.

    Song 1::

    The lips that slip are the lips that press

    And the lips that leak seem to know you best

    I put bodies into motion

    Keep this skin out in the open

    Liars turn me on

    Bedspread bandit since '89

    You wear your heart on your sleeve

    I threw mine to the sky

    Song 2::

    and we smooshed our lips together

    like blue and yellow we made a green meadow

    chilled together forever- real mellow

    she fell in love

    I had her at hello

    I couldn't say goodbye she was too special

    Song 3::

    I turn my head to the east I dont see nobody by my side

    I turn my head to the west still nobody in sight

    So I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride

    Song 4::

    Pretty girl lets take it off in this room

    noo time to waste girl you know what we came to do ( oh oh oh ooh)

    We got all night to try to get it right girl

    I hope you're ready, hope you're ready, hope you're ready

    I hope you're ready babe

    Cause here we go you know how we do (oooh)

    It ain't my first time but babygirl we can pretend,

    Hey lets bump and grind girl tonight it never ends

    Song 5::

    Did you

    Did you really think you'd found somebody

    Or did that vodka make you leave with me

    Ain't it funny how you wake up running when it felt so right last night

    Song 6::

    Oh, oh, oh

    How was I supposed to know

    That you were oh, oh, over me?

    I think that I should go


    Something's telling me to leave

    But I won'tCan you Name That Song?
    1. Bounce by The Cab

    4. Take You Down by Chris Brown

    6. Damned If I Do Ya [Damned If I Don't] by All Time Low

    :]Can you Name That Song?
    it must be new music cause i dont know any of those songs
    How about adding

    My lips like sugar

    This candy got you sprung

    I'm sweet like

    badadadeedaday (whatever)

    Isn't the third one Justin Timberlake's fast verse in Dead and Gone, T.I. Song?

    Sugar - Flo Rida

    Its like all your songs about kissing and lips…
    3 is TI dead and gone

    and 6 is damned if i do damned if i dont by all time low
    song 2 - don't be shy by shwayze

    song 3 - dead n gone by TI %26amp; justin timberlake
    6 is d@mned if i do ya: ATL

    3 is dead %26amp; gone :t.i ft. JT

    What to do at a home coming dance? With date!?

    OK, I'm going to home coming dance with a date (I'm 14 shes 13) and I never had a GF or date before. Yay me! ( Don't get me wrong, i'm cool and semi popular...just never cared) Anyway..

    What do I do at a dance? I mean, I know how to grind girls (that's how teens dance!) But I can't grind every girl, as I have a date.

    So any advice would be cool. Should I kiss her? I know not to play the puppy game where I follow her 24/7 right?

    Any advice would be awesome,

    again thanksWhat to do at a home coming dance? With date!?
    Slow down! Don't worry so much! You seem to have a good personality so just be yourself. Don't be too serious or too worrisome. My last homecoming date was very shy and very serious.. when we got to the dance he left me! However, my best friend's date had a good sense of humor, he was funny, and he joked about making my friend pay for the dinner they ate before. They laughed and had a great time - a much better time than my date and I had. Most freshman (I am assuming you're a freshman) guys at my school don't ';grind';, but some of the girls do. Don't grind with her unless she clearly wants you to. And most importantly: Dance with her during slow songs! Some guys are serious when it comes to slow dancing while others talk and show some humor during it. Just whatever floats your boat. But please dance with her! Its never fun to be the only girl standing alone while everyone is slow dancing. Also, at dances, the girls may separate from their dates. Don't take it personally. If this happens, go with your friends, but make sure you go back to her when a slow song comes on!

    How do i continue dancing with a girl(grinding) at a teen club/school dance

    Ok so i went on a cruise 2 weeks ago and it was my first time dancing with a girl(grinding =D) and i am 17 years old.. I'll give you an example of what i did with 1 girl.. So what i did was.i went up to the girl and said ';hey wanna dance'; she said yes. I danced for 2 songs and then at the 3rd song. she said ';Do you mind if i get something to drink, its hot in here'; i said sure. then she came back 15 minutes later and like i was wondering. How would i introduce my self to a girl like that and do i need to ask her to dance again, or could i just go behind her and grab her hips and keep grinding. Like.. After the 1st song , their is a 5 second break till the next sond plays. Is that when i say ';hey, whats your name'; ';im mike'; then i ask to ask her age? what type of questions are good for introductions and stuff. Like yea.. i want to get a girlfriend.. but i do not really know how to approach them.. Do you guys know what im saying. Could i please get some help. im just a little depressed, that i will never find a good girl for me =[ .How do i continue dancing with a girl(grinding) at a teen club/school dance
    I totally agree with keomaxiv but let me throw in some additonal advice. If you want to dance with a girl then just go up to her and ask. Since you're asking a teenage girl to dance, most likely she'll end up grinding on you. You made the right approach though by asking and I'll give you kudos for that. Other guys will be such perverts and just get behind the girl without the girl knowing and start grinding on them. That just makes them look like animals fighting over a piece of meat and chances are you'll creep her out if you do that so whatever you do, don't go up to a girl from behind and start grinding on her. If you ask a girl to dance then it will make you look like a total gentlemen. And while she's grinding on you, try not to touch her beacuse you don't want her to think you're a pervert. Just stand there and enjoy it and if you have to hold onto something try holding onto your own hips. If you really want girls to get a good impression of you try to carry a flower (it can be more than one) in your pocket and give it to her once she's done dancing with you. Obviously a lot of girls like flowers and she'll probably never forget you if you pull that stunt.How do i continue dancing with a girl(grinding) at a teen club/school dance
    First of all a GOOD GIRL will not grind with you so if you are wanting to meet someone you can always make small talk while dancing but never when you are grinding because it would be too ackward. Ask her to dance when there is a slow song on then you would be closer to her face and be able to ask her what her name is then that starts the small talk. After the song is over ask her if she wants to get some air and walk outside so that you guys can start to get to know each other without all the loud music.

    If a girl grinds with her date at prom does that mean she is easy?

    i have a feeling the guy that i like is going to ask me to prom sometime this week,if he doesnt oh well but i just want to be ready just in case. But lets say if he asks me to prom...and all the girls that dances with their guys always grinds on them.....i mean i know how to%26amp; i know how to dance too,but i am afraid the guy might think i am easy? would it be good if i just grind on him %26amp; if he thinks that he will get laid after prom like most guys do %26amp; i say no ....will he appricate me ??? or should i dance a different way %26amp; not grind,then i am afriad he might not like me? :[ if this happens lol somebody help me %26amp; give me advice please !If a girl grinds with her date at prom does that mean she is easy?
    it doesnt mean you're easy. Grinding is a way of dancing. You can dance with him anyway you want. Yes, even though that grinding DOES allude to sex, he wont think OH IM SO GUNNA GET LAID TONIGHT.

    dance however you want. you'll be fine! Have fun!If a girl grinds with her date at prom does that mean she is easy?

    How do girls grind dance at parties or dances?

    I'm a Junior in High School and I'm 16 years old but I come from a small town so I find it a bit awkward to be grinding up on someone who you'll see in the halls the next day so I haven't had very much experience with this. This weekend I'm going to a dance at another school where grinding is pretty much the only way they dance. So to my question(s) I was wondering, how exactly do you do it (back to front grinding)? I've heard you're supposed to move your hips in a sideways figure 8 motion with the music, is this true? Also should a girl be going with or against a guys motion. Is there anything else a girl should do to make things more interesting? What do you do with your hands? Lastly, is there any point where she should turn around (front to front) or would that just freak a guy out?

    Thanks so much!

    LindsayHow do girls grind dance at parties or dances?
    First ill say I think you are thinking WAY to much into this. I really don't think more girls think about how they are going to dance before they do it, they just move with the music. If you are wanting to learn to dance like how people do in clubs, then just listen to the music. If you have completely no idea you could look on youtube at rap videos or something. How do girls grind dance at parties or dances?
    I cant believe i am entertaining this...

    you need to just go out there and dance how you feel the music.

    but this might help a bit too...

    and search as well

    How to grind with a guy -for guys to answer-?

    im going to a dance soon and i was wondering what guys like when a girl grinds on them???? there a such this as dancing to hard on a guy?

    2.should guys or girls take the lead?

    3. please add anything you think a girl should knowHow to grind with a guy -for guys to answer-?
    If he puts his hands on your hips and starts leading, you let him lead.

    But in general, guys want girls to take the lead, they're the sexy ones after all. You're the one turning him on, so you gotta do what you think is good.

    If a guy can't handle you, finish the song and get off that thing, look for another and grind him, lol. Dancing's for having fun! :DHow to grind with a guy -for guys to answer-?
    You shake, rub, and move your hips on his frontal area with ur booty basically humping him. he holds ur wasit and enjoys it.

    Easy as pie.

    For examples watch music videos.
    its EZ.

    just bend and rub on him.

    he does nothing but try to keep his cock from springing.

    usually he'll hold your hips with his hands. just follow him. the guys should take the lead. just watch this video:鈥?/a>

    just basically do what she does, especially at-



    Everyone was forcing me to grind last night?

    I was at a party last night, and I'm only 14. There was girl-on-girl grinding all over the place. My boyfriend was there too. Everyone was saying, ';Natalie... why aren't you grinding with him?'; and people were saying the same to my boyfriend. I said that I didn't want to because I felt like a slut, and everybody kept trying to teach me how.

    It was really embarassing. I grinded with him for a few seconds, but I just didn't feel right doing it. I probably would have been MUCH more comfortable if everyone wasn't crowding around me and watching me do it with him.

    Even this one kid turned to my boyfriend and said, ';She doesn't want to grind... I feel bad for you.'; he was kidding and he's one of my friends, but still. It made me feel like crap. All of these guys were coming up to me and were being like, ';You look amazing and you have stuff so use it.'; I just felt trashed all night because of the whole grinding situation.

    I feel really embarrased, and my boyfriend told me that it's completely fine. That he understands. I just feel really upset... can you please help me?Everyone was forcing me to grind last night?
    I'm the same age and that happens alot at parties but as long as your boyfriend understands there's no problem, what you do with your boyfriend is no one elses buisness.Everyone was forcing me to grind last night?
    I know you're embarrassed, but you just have to hold your head up high. Even if you're embarrassed, you need to just let the other kids see that you're proud of the decision you made. At school on Monday, if people make fun of you or tease you, just let them know that you don't aspire to look like a **** and that they shouldn't be so concerned about you grinding with your boyfriend. Leave it at that.
    its great that stood your ground girl.

    makes mme happy to hear that you stood up for yourself.

    dont listen to all of those other kids,

    believe me, once u get in college u wont even remember their names anymore.

    as long as your boyfriend understands and has respect for you, thats all that shud matter.

    congrats for standing up for yourself... :)
    I've grinded before, and I don't like it either. It makes u feel dirty in a sense. Don't worry about it, and don't let it get to you. The best ability is the ability to ignore peer pressure.
    First of all your 14, Second you should not care what other people think of you. You are your own person. You yourself knows right from wrong and you should not let people tell you that you wrong for doing something they may fell is right but you know is wrong. There is a time and place for dancing like that and it is not when your 14. Even s ome adults should not do it... lol... You need to focus on what is important and stop stressin, look back 10 years from now when you are graduating college because you did not break into peer pressure and others are struggling raising kids and in a dead end job. I know because i had a baby and was married by the time i was 16. Be safe and be your own person.

    How do you grind/freakdance?

    um i know this is a stupid question

    but im a freshman and i ditched my homecoming

    the thing is i did get asked, 3 times, but not by anyone id actually go with you know? and id only want to go with someone i genuinely like, but thats just me.

    anyways my friend told me that everyone was grinding eachother. but umm i dont even know how to grind properly haha, so could someone give me some pointers so i dont look like an idiot at my next school dance?

    also when you grind, do you jump up and down? cause at our schools back to school dance i saw this girl grinding with her boyfriend except the girl was like jumping...? but then some people say you just move your hips or whatver...

    help? haha thanksHow do you grind/freakdance?
    okay so i would strongly segest you dont jump up and down, it will just make it alot harder to dance.

    so pretty much all you do is roll your body, and swing your hips. exsagerate your movements. you will almost never look awkward danceing becouse if somehow the danceing does look or feel awkward just asume its the guys fault b/c it usulaly is, haha.

    help full hints...

    Get out there and have some fun. You can't grind if you're not even on the dance floor or standing watching other people grind.

    Guys LOVE it when a girl grinds with a boy.

    Move towards the middle of a big group of people. Usually that's where a lot of the grinding is.

    Find one of your good friends that you feel comfortable with and begin to dance with her. Dance with her normally as if no one was watching. This doesn't have to be sexually. A guy will soon notice you, mainly because you're dancing and having fun with your best friend. Most likely a guy won't say anything when he wants to grind, but instead will give you subtle signals.

    Act normally, as if you don't even realize that they're coming. Be sure to keep dancing

    They would appreciate if you look at them and smile and signal them over. Don't Ignore them, acknowledge their prescence.

    Know what kind of grinding you're doing. When you feel a guy grab you around the hips he can either be facing you or facing your back. If he's facing your back this is normal grinding and more popular. Front grinding is more risqu茅 and sexy! Most people don't do front grinding their first time.

    Leave your arms by your side or maybe even grab his arms, you can also put them on your thighs as you dance for sapport if you get tiered. or you can wrap you arms arouind your neck, even when your back is to them

    If the guy you're trying to dance with isn't the best at grinding, put your hands into his pockets and have your hands follow the motion of your hips. This usually works best when you're hips are moving in circles or sideways figure-eights.

    Be ready for the song to end. Usually, the guy will walk away. Sometimes he'll say something and sometimes not. Don't be offended if he just walks away in the middle of the song. Don't let that get to you because the chances are that the guy has gotten 'happy' and doesn't want to make things uncomfortable. Just quickly find that friend you were dancing with before. Make it look like nothing is wrong and you're glad that he's gone. but if you want to keep danceing with him for the next song too dance in the break like music is still playing, dont stop!

    When you move your hips, move in the shape of a sideways figure-eight.

    Don't move with your shoulders, grinding is done with your hips.

    Stay on rhythm. Practice at home where no one is watching. DO THIS!!

    Try not to step on the guy's feet. Ouch!

    Don't touch yourself and try to act all sexy. It'll probably seem forced.

    If a guy touches you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, leave or move his hand. Just because you're grinding it doesn't give him the right to grope you. but try not to get affened by it, just move his hands, hes just horny he cant help him self

    If you want to pop lock and drop it then make sure he doesn't go down with you, just pop lock and drop it normally.

    Better yet, let us not pop lock and drop it trust me if you can't do it, don't do it!

    The best dancers glow in confidence. If you are worried about how good of a dancer you are, when you grind with someone remember that you are already dancing, so he obviously doesn't have a problem.

    If you are to join a train, make sure you are in between people you are comfortable grinding with!

    Girls- you don't have to let just anyone grind you!

    Any fast song like Rap, or Hip-Hop is best to grind to!

    If a guy is behind you, and you're mostly sure he wants to grind with you, back into him a bit, so that he knows you are interested. He will most likely put his hands on your hips, and you will start to grind.

    Don't get mad if you see a guy you grinded with, grinding with other girls. Grinding isn't serious. It's just for fun!

    Move up and down and be sure to bend your knees and move your knees side to side.

    If your boy partner is not knowing what to do, take his hands and place them on your waist/stomach/hips and move him in the way you want to move.

    Don't dance too slow or the guy won't enjoy it and will leave.

    To make things interesting, you can grind face to face.

    The best songs to grind to are the faster beat ones. It gives you more of a chance to show your moves

    If the guy gets an erection, either ignore it or walk away if it makes you uncomfortable. Even though it's completely natural, he's probably a lot more embarrassed about it than you. Don't try to touch him there if you aren't shooting for serious groping. and if he gets one, hey at least you know your doing well and they like what your doing;)

    If the guy tries to make you do anything you don't want to, just politely tell him to takeHow do you grind/freakdance?
    Don't grind and be like the other sluts. Try to have a little self esteem. You can dance sexy without annoying grinding. Seriously, think for yourself.
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  • Whats this Chris Brown song, I can't find it?

    Here we are all alone in dis room

    And girl i know where to start and wut we gone do

    i'll take my tiime we'll be all night grl

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    it aint my first time but baby girl we can pretend

    we could bump and grind

    girl tonight will never end


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    and show you what im about

    can i take u now

    ya body body [[ohhh]]

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    so dont stop grl qet it

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    pretty girl lets take it off in dis room

    no time to waste grl u kno wut we came to do (ooooooooo)

    we got all nite to try to get it right girl

    i hope you ready[4x]

    i hope you ready babe because here we go

    you know how we do (oooooo)

    it aint first time but baby girl we can pretend

    hey this bump and grind girl tonight it never end


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    so dont stop get girl it quit playing with it

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    doooo...freak it oh baby like a pro baby

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    think you no baby like a pro baby

    so what u wanna do(I'm gonna)

    take it down baby nice and slow

    so bring it lets goooo baby baby baby babyyyyyyyy [[yea yea]]

    baby baby baby babyyyyyy

    come on baby[2x]


    (let me beat you down) let me beat you down

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    [let me show let me do it to you like i wanna do]

    and show you what im about

    can i beat you down [[whoaa]]

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    ya body body up and down [[ya body body up and]] [[yea yea yea yea]]

    so dont stop girl get it [[oooooo]]

    quit playing with it

    cant wait no more girl [[i cant wait no more]]

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    let me beat you take you down[[all the way down all the way down]]

    [[we can do some things goin all the way down]]

    beat you down.....

    beat you down

    I guess its one of those mockery songs, but seriously where do i find it?Whats this Chris Brown song, I can't find it?
    it's called Chris Brown - Take You Down

    You can download it on or beemp3.comWhats this Chris Brown song, I can't find it?
    The name of the song is: ';TAKE YOU DOWN'; By Chris Brown not ';Beat You Down';

    OMG! You thought he was saying beat you down?

    How many guys grind with girls that they don't plan to date?

    I'm doing a quick poll here and well, it did recently happen to me so I just want to get some stats and find ways to pinpoint the guys that want to grind on me but not interested in knowing me so I can ditch they don't waste me time knowing quality guys.How many guys grind with girls that they don't plan to date?
    Most guys will grind with any girl who lowers herself to allow it. It is more about sexual gratification than any interest in you as a person. He doesn't even have to know your name, its just physical.

    Relationships that last are built on a strong foundation. Common interests, laughter, having fun. When it is just sex, it almost always crumbles 'cause the foundation for anything lasting was never built.How many guys grind with girls that they don't plan to date?
    depends if im drunk ill grind with anyone
    How does a guy 'grind' on a girl?
    its just dancing i wouldnt take it to mean anything
    cuz there pigs and if u let them they will its all about them thinking how much they can get away with only u hold the leash
    I've gotten a few girls phone numbers then thrown them out the next morning... I could've done that last night, but meh.
    LOL girls grind on guys.. not the other way around.
    grinding with a guy who knows how to do it well is a real turn on. You have just been with a few wanna be's that fell short. any guy worth grinding should have been kissing you passionately (if you know how) prior to starting grinding on a girl. then they keep kissing passionately while grinding. You will love it when you get it good.

    Grinding - girls dancing together?

    A lot of questions here are about how to grind but they all seem to be about girls and guys dancing together. What about when girls dance with each other? What is done differently? Is there less contact? I am wondering because I'm going out clubbing with some friends and want to act natural, like I know what I'm doing. I don't want to do anything that will weird them out. I am comfortable grinding with guys but just haven't done it with girls.Grinding - girls dancing together?
    well i can tell you from looking at my girlfriend that she usually is more spaced out between her and her friend, but usually guys take her friend away and grind with her friend .Grinding - girls dancing together?
    I notice girls dancing together, back to front, facing the same direction, sometimes in a line. It looks like they are touching/rubbing bodies together but I'm scared that if I do it like with a guy and its different they will get freaked out and think I'm weird or hitting on them

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    If a bunch of hotties are out grinding against each other just sit back and enjoy the show!
    there really is no contact with girls grinding together, normal they get in a circle facing inwards or if there are two facing each other

    GUYS. How do u like a girl to grind with u?

    Ive seen some girls bend down all the way, touching the floor while the guy just stands there enhoying her routine. But I would think he doesnt have any respect of her, but am i right? Do guys loose respect of girls that dance that way? How do u like girls to dance with you? without loosing respect for her.... does it even matter to u?GUYS. How do u like a girl to grind with u?
    I guess everyone is different. But I do not feel that is the way to dance.....sexually. So then he thinks ..';she's easy';...Dancing slutty does NOT work for most guys, except for one night stands...

    Thursday, October 21, 2010

    FOR 10 BIG POINTS!!! - Boys and Girl: How To Initiate Grinding With Girls On The Dance Floor At ASchool Dance?

    I'm going to a school dance today...

    Women - What's the best way to start the grind? Do we ask you if you want to dance? Do we go up and start grinding behind her? etc.

    Men - How do you start the grind dance successfully? Do you ask? Go up behind her and start dancing? etc.

    Best answer gets 10 points!FOR 10 BIG POINTS!!! - Boys and Girl: How To Initiate Grinding With Girls On The Dance Floor At ASchool Dance?
    ok dude, first of all don't just go up behind a girl and start to grind, you'll get slapped. If you wanna grind with a girl shes gotta be into you. The way it goes down is you'll get on the floor and she'll turn around and you can go for it. Hope that helps.FOR 10 BIG POINTS!!! - Boys and Girl: How To Initiate Grinding With Girls On The Dance Floor At ASchool Dance?
    To start the grind, we girls face away from the guy, standing right in front of him, and move our hips. The guy does the same, sometimes taking her hand, or holding her hips. Everything flows from that point on. Girls can ask guys to dance, and guys can ask girls to dance. It's totally normal for one to ask the other. If you're not on the floor and want to invite her to dance with you, offer her a dance. If she says yes, make your way over and have her stand in front of you. If she doesn't start moving on her own, you can help her by swinging back and forth with your hips a little bit, shifting your weight from one foot to the other back and forth. Hope this helps! :)
    ask her first because some girls may not be comfortable with grinding so you should ask.

    How do i get a girl to grind with me?

    Give me some tips on how no to be shy around girls at a dance and grind with them?How do i get a girl to grind with me?
    Make a small grinding motion while dancing and if she is interested she'll go with it. Dancing is a lot about sending signals to your partner to show how you want to dance.How do i get a girl to grind with me?
    you perv. girls want more than just to grind. DUH

    How should i ask a girl to grind with me?

    im a little shy, but im going to this dance were every one is going to be grinding so how should i ask a girl if she wants to grind with me?How should i ask a girl to grind with me?
    You don't askHow should i ask a girl to grind with me?
    Um at most parties like that mostly girls just start dancing and you walk up behind them and they start juking you
    Naah just ask her to dance and if she does for it you go for it :)
    Yeah, ask her to dance, not grind. It's a bit forward.
    don't ask her to grind! that is just weird.. just ask her to dance!

    How to lighten the atmosphere when grinding...?? GIRLS!!!?

    When im dancing with a girl, it always seems awkward when nobody is saying anything and so i never know what to say in order to lighten the atmosphere so to speak. what are some things to do so that the girl im dancing with knows im ';into it';How to lighten the atmosphere when grinding...?? GIRLS!!!?
    How about ';I like the way you dance';.

    But talking while dancing can be difficult, talk more with her about it after the dance, maybe like ';What kinds of dancing do you like?'; ';What kinds of music do you like? I like [supply your favorite types/groups';

    How To Grind With a Girl?

    im going to a party and i need to know how to grind /wine/ with a girlHow To Grind With a Girl?
    move with her body and push your front towards her booty. if u start getting hard you are doing it rightHow To Grind With a Girl?
    THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE let her do the work. You just stand there and rub up against her.
    Technically just hump her
    what, actually i don't understand what do you mean
    rub up against her.. rub your dick on her leg.. make her feel horny
    Touch your eyes and tears will come out but touch it gently and make a smile like this : )

    Good luck with this one bud .

    Don't mess up...............

    How To Grind With A Girl?

    when u grind with a girl, and ur a guy, wut do u do if ur facing or behindHow To Grind With A Girl?
    This may be of interest:;鈥?/a>How To Grind With A Girl?
    Connect pelvic regions, Rub vigorously
    Listen to reggaeton. Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel. Go with the beat. bend your knees a little bit. Move side to side. You can put a lil lean to it. If ur facind, the same thing. If the girl goes down, go down with her. Put your hands on her hips, or when she's going down on her back and do a little forward, backward movement with your pelvis while moving side to side. Basically it's having sex on the dance floor. Have fun with it and get down!
    either way just the guy is usually behind
    thats the easiest

    just be grindy

    let it roollll let go get grindy
    Yes rub very vigorously, and thrust yourself. Feel free to use your hands as well.
    Most times the girl just pops her booty on the guys dick and he just stands there with his hands on her hips.
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  • How do u grind with a girl?

    How is a guy supposed to dance when he's grinding with a girl?How do u grind with a girl?
    Well, you should be behind her and hold her by the hips/waist and just move with her. She'll guide you so you really don't have to do much. Just go with the rhythm and hold her. You can move your hands up and down her, and she'll probably grab hold of your hands sometime and just move them to where she wants them to be. And don't be scared to! It's a little weird the first time but once you get into it, it seems natural. Just go with the flow! You'll see what I mean. Haha.How do u grind with a girl?
    Move your hands...pretty much it.
    it baisicly the same thing.

    Dance coming up, How do i Grind with a girl?

    I've asked this question before but i didn't get the exact respond i wanted. Can you be more specific i guess.

    I know this question sounds really stupid and i'm sure people are going to say it too.

    I'm in 10th grade in highschool and whenever my school has mixers im not sure how to dance.

    I can slow dance and all but thats about it.

    Please dont tell me just go with the music because that doesn't really help me much

    Thanks A lot

    Dance coming up, How do i Grind with a girl?
    personally, i will never do any kinds of dancing like that.

    i think it's disgusting and slutty.

    but since you want to...

    try watching videos like these:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    hope i helped!

    have fun and good luck! :DDance coming up, How do i Grind with a girl?
    You let her grind on you and you follow her motion.
    ya, what he said, ...i just don't see the fun in grinding...
    put on sum pretty ricky n der yew go nohomo
    for guys it's not that hard :P. If the girl is good, you will have a good time for sure. anyways, your hips should be moving the same way as your partner's in some sort of rhythm. usually in a circular motion. Sometimes she will decide how fast she moves, or you can grab her hips with your hands and guide her to do what you want to do.

    Some things to do with your hands is hold hers as she dances. Or hold her hips or move them across her back. Stuff like that. But make sure, you never make her uncomfortable.

    if you're still unsure of what to do when you're at the dance, watch some other people do it. it's not that complicated and you'll pick up really fast.

    good luck :]

    How to grind with a girl really good?

    I'm going to a dance soon. and i really need to figure out how to grind good. cause my date to the dance apparently is really good so i don't want to disappoint her. how can i learn/practice? videos i can watch? PLEASE helpHow to grind with a girl really good?鈥?/a>How to grind with a girl really good?
    That vid was trashy. Just grab her hips and juke (grind)! It happens naturally I swear, no need to practice steps or anything, that will just make you more nervous.
    Grinding is all in your hips you can't be stiff either as you are doing it. Believe me its easier than you think, try practicing by listening to some reggae and or reggaeton music don't be afraid just relax and feel the beat.
    wow that video was awsomee yeeaaa ;)

    grindddd that

    How does a guy grind with a girl?

    What is a guy supposed to do while he grinds with a girlHow does a guy grind with a girl?

    I will tell you but this move should be only be attempted by a Professional.

    DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME someone without proper experience trying this move could result in injury and or death

    you stroke she grinds working it out in both of your minds the sweat rolls as the feeling grows you both yell out I am going to explode.You grunt she moans your both almost home. when all of a sudden you hear the car door slam with a lump in your throat the size of a ham as they walk through the door there you stand with your joy stick stuck in your hand trying to explain when they ask for your name looking at you like they are insane they grab you by the neck and twist you head twisting and grinding until you are dead and as they do you hear them say this is for professionals only not for you two someone could die and today it will be you so if you are young and trying to have some fun know your roll before you loose your soul because the girl your trying to learn how to grind even though it feels so fine could cause you to get caught by her dad and that is the worse day you will ever have.How does a guy grind with a girl?
    First off if your asking then your wayyy too young.

    But this is how i explain it...

    The guy goes behind the girl.

    The girl puts her *** up to the guys dick

    And the girl and the guy sway side to side.

    And thats basically it.

    I mean thats just basic grinding.

    There are more dirty versions

    Like the girl grinds down the guy

    Or the guy grabs the girls boobs

    But i'de go with regular grinding for now.

    And what do you mean what is he suppose to do?

    The guy is just supposed to sway with the girl

    And grab her boobs but thats more dirtier.
    Well, you should be behind her and hold her by the hips/waist and just move with her. She'll guide you so you really don't have to do much. Just go with the rhythm and hold her. You can move your hands up and down her, and she'll probably grab hold of your hands sometime and just move them to where she wants them to be. And don't be scared to! It's a little weird the first time but once you get into it, it seems natural. Just go with the flow! You'll see what I mean. Haha.
    just get untop of her with your clothes on make her spread her legs like you were really going to have sex except you both have clothes on or atleast underwear and start bumping her as if u were really doin it....thats all there is to grinding and my opinion its BORING!!...but thats just my opinion.
    wow. this is sad. she'll do all the work. her back will probably be to you. just put your hands on her hips or around her waist and move your hips the same direction she moves hers.. just not so Feminine. but i suggest not to.. expecially if you have to ask. sorry-- but it is sad.. good luck??
    If you're really asking this question, don't do it, I hate seeing people that don't know what they're doing trying to grind on someone. Just stick to slow dancing and you'll do fine.
    men don't grind they let the girl grind on this video and learn:

    beginning @ 26 seconds:…
    lol, go here:;feature=PlayList%26amp;p=A2C0FFD43F352F88%26amp;index=18

    That's wat should be done, well, with it slightly less ';dirty';, lol
    If you're referring t sex, let it be natural, talk about it and take it seriously. Also I hope that both are of age.
    You dont, the girl grinds you. If you do attempt to though, have fun making an **** out yourself.
    You don't know, well then go to youtube and type in principles office or watch a prom movie.
    if a girl grinds on you your suppose to move with her

    grab her hips or stomach kneel with her when she gos down
    she in fort of you and she puts her butt in the thing that guys have and only guys and she start moving
    Do all girls really like being grinded by guys? Come on...


    well :S

    are u asking about when a girl is grinding on a guy and he's behind her grinding?
    WOW......... YOUR HOPELESS........
    You have no hope.
    You get all up in that.
    She hips! You dip! (:
    search it up on youtube... haha lol
    don't grab her ***...LOL
    oh boy....
    poor you
    ah, you are not ready if you have to ask.....
    lol thts funny

    just watch other guys with their gf
    tell me hah

    ur cool mann

    later bro

    goood luck out there g
    man thats really sad, i am not going to even anwer that
    grind duhh lol well hands on her waist or in the air close contact