Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Increase Size of Flaccid Penis?

I just turned 15 years old about 2 months ago, and my penis is 7 1/2 inches long and about 5 3/4 inches AROUND. I think this is an average size, and I'm comfortable with it, but the problem is when I'm not hard it looks like a baby penis. When girls grind on me when we r dancing, im afraid they will feel how small it is and think I'm small when erect too, so I rarely go to any parties. Anything I can do? (stretches, pills, anything?!)Increase Size of Flaccid Penis?
it is normal. you see there are 2 types of penises.

1. THE GROWER- this person is you. you have a small flacid penis size but when erect it grows to a huge size. this is the better type to have because you dont have to adjust yourself as much and it is more comfortable

2 THE SHOWER- this person has a big flacid penis but it does not grow much if any during an erection. it is also harder to adjust and such.

basically it is the side of the erect state of the penis which matters most. at 15 you dont need to be having sex so dont worry about that. be happy with what you have. from what i have read it is a good size and you are lucky. i am leaving you an instant message. feel free to come on and talk if you have more q's. i am shown as offline but i will be there. good luck.Increase Size of Flaccid Penis?
Flaccid size means nothing and trust me if they are grinding they don't care what the size is when it's not erect.
Who cares what your penis looks like when its flaccid...?
your just a shower.
No, there's nothing you can do to increase the size of your penis. Quit worrying about this and find something more worthwhile to worry about...like your grades.
Shut UP and go worry about some REAL problems!
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